In-depth study on the how, why and what of music

Music Theory involves learning about written music and musical rules. Music Theory Group classes bring together up to 4 students at a time and are geared towards the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) theory requirements for grade 5 and up. However, we highly recommend that every student study theory, whether or not they are preparing for an exam.


  • Jr /Beginner Theory (ages 6-9)
  • Basic rudiments (age 10+) (co-requisite for Level 5 RCM)
  • Intermediate rudiments (co- requisite Level 6 and 7 RCM)
  • Advanced rudiments (co-requisite Grade 8 RCM)
  • Harmony/History (co-requisite Grade 9, 10 and A.R.C.T)


30min-90min group class each week depending on level. Times based on registration and are TBD.

Please see our policy guide in regards to make up lessons and rescheduling.


September—December preparation for December Exams
January —May preparation for May Exams

Additional Materials:

Lesson and/or theory book(s), a dictation book, three ring binder and plastic sleeves for extra material.

Books can be purchased at MIMPA

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