Our MIMPA Family

Music in Motion Performing Arts Studio (MIMPA) is a centre of development for young people; first by focusing on performing arts skills, and second by the development of good character. MIMPA was founded by Jeanette Martin in 2008 and has experienced incredible growth in the first six years. The reason MIMPA has been so successful is the encouraging atmosphere coupled with the pursuit of excellence. Young people find MIMPA a place of support and opportunity where they can strive to be “the best they can be”. On this, MIMPA’S 7th season, we celebrate the more than 500 young people who have grown and blossomed here. In addition, we applaud all the teachers, staff, and volunteers that have made MIMPA a “home away from home” for young people who need encouragement in a world that bombards them with negativity everyday. MIMPA teaches music and performing arts, but, more importantly, we partner with parents to help young people develop character traits that will benefit them in whatever they do for the rest of their lives. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making MIMPA a runaway success. MIMPA is the first performing arts studio of the region, and all the parents, teachers, and staff have made it happen.

OUR Teachers

Executive Director

Theatre Director, Teacher, Accompanist
(Piano, Singing, Flute, Speech Arts, Music Theory)

Jeanette Martin

Creative Director

Theatre Director, Teacher, Competition Director
(Piano, Singing, Flute, Speech Arts, Music Theory)

Lydia Martin

Theatre Director, Competition Coach, Teacher
(Triple Threat, Singing, Acting, Speech Arts & Drama, Musical Theatre)

Julia Cowie

Teacher, Competition Coach
(Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Triple Threat)

Diana Geertsema

Teacher, Jr. Theatre Director
(Piano, Voice, Speech Arts, Dance, Musical Theatre)

Hope Martin

Teacher, Accompanist
(Piano, Music Theory, Harmony, History)

Liza McBride

Teacher, Competition Coach, Theatre Director
(Triple Threat, Acting, Singing, Musical Theatre)

Andrew Perry

Teacher, Accompanist
(Piano, Voice, Music Theory)

Timea Powaza

Teacher, Accompanist
(Violin, Voice, Piano, Music Theory)

Christine Tsernikova

Jr. Theatre Director

David Martin

Jr. Theatre Director

Laurel McBride


Office Manager

Sandra Woodcock

Admin Assistant

Sherri Aldworth

Admin Assistant

Jane Chant